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Temtem: the best starters you can begin your journey

2020-01-10 11:44:53

This time we arrived here with a Temtem guide where we will talk about which are the best initiators.

What can we say about the initiators in Temtem?

  First of all it is good to know that the initiators are the ones who offer us the possibility of executing the explorations, they can become our first headache, but in reality not everything is so bad, we can choose one to go to the Airborne archipelago, because we have 3 to choose from, the Our decision is, which one we will take to our trip, they are ideal for capturing Temtemns even when it weakens, this is where we see that this game presents a certain similarity with Pokemon.

Why choose the best initiators in Temtem?

 The ideal is to choose the best initiators so as not to get stuck or in extremely complicated problems, because here we are involved in extremely strong fights, `` when we start we have the opportunity to get us with some quite complex gym leaders, `` we are given the possibility of capturing and training some creatures, with the aim of completing and winning certain gym badges.


 What are the best initiators in Temtem?


 This creature is a chimpanzee fighter, it is extremely fast and can cause considerable physical damage, it is a creature of the Melee type, which tends to be strong against the glass and is light in terms of health and defense, weighs these two indicators:

  •  Strong against the earth and the glass.
  • Weak against mental and digital control.



 This is a creature of mental type, it has the ability to embody making strong attacks special, because it has a certain resemblance to the Levitant Houchic, it is here that we see the resemblance to Pokemon, it has the following indicators.

  •  Strong against Neutral and Melee
  • Weak against electric, crystal and digital.-


  This initiating creature is of the crystal type, we can only see it evolved until it reaches level 30, placing itself below the two previous creatures, its abilities make it possessed of good health and defense, with the following indicators:

  •   Strong against electro and mental.
  • Weak against fire, earth and close combat

  Early access to Temtem begins on January 21, the date on which we can test these initiators, according to the choice we consider most feasible for us, from then on we would only have to wait for the launch date of This juice

  We can conclude by indicating that you know which are the best initiators in Temtem is simply important, since it allows us to have a clear idea about who to start with.

Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
Humble Bundle
Release date:
January 21, 2020

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