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Temtem: How to Get Crystal Skates

2020-02-03 16:57:26

We have a special guide that will help us understand how to get crystal skates what is a piece of relevance in our adventure in Temtem.

 We found in Temtem an outstanding support point, which will be through knowing how to get glass skates, to get to find these it is good to consider the long path of complicated battles for this we must make a great effort to leave successfully , for more details we can see the content below.

What do you need to know to get the glass skates in Temtem?

 There are key details that will help us in the How to obtain glass skates, these to begin with we will obtain from a search that we will have in the main story, this after we pass the first gymnasium on the second island of Omninesia, a key we will find, being this of an elevator, we will go to the Grand Banyan in Omninesia Citerior, we require a pass if we want to be able to have access to the top, we must continue our tour until we are at the entrance of a cave, where it will be guarded by the Clan Belsoto

How to get glass skates in Temtem?

 In the Citerior we have that the tamers mostly with nature and fire, so having the right creatures will become a point in our favor, such as toxic and water, we must consider being cautious with those of water This is because the Tems are capable of eating lunch, of an electric nature, we can employ a Ganki, who will be in charge, if for some reason we have a crystal, we will get one or two sparzy which Tamers throw, this does not generate any concern. In the twenties will be the majority of the battles with skates, being in this way that we improve the performance, we find that the storm that is located near our location is in Mokupuni, patience is key and we will also get smoke bombs, inputs trying to get glass skates

 When we reach the cave of the Great Bayan, we will find Carlos hidden behind a rock, from this we will get the pass we need to access the upper Ominesia, we return to the elevator and we must use the smoke bomb so that from this So we are back in Mokupuni, there is a mini-Temporium in the ulterior, which will make it easier to support the next glove for domestication, to get to where Belseto thugs are, we have to go through the Ulterior, thus arriving at a pond, these placed some uniforms in the sun to fence them, if we defeat them all one in turn, we will steal those uniforms, at the entrance of Grand Bayan we will be back with Carlos and we must be sure that our Temtem, remains cured Then he will tell us to put on the uniform and in this way we will fight for the Grand Banyan, it is important that we have prepared balms, revivals and more.

 We will be returning to the rock where Carlos hid at the time of our escape from the Grand Banyan, this after we win the blond lieutenant who is at the bottom, this way Carlos will give us a pair of glass skates, since the found inside, with this we solve our questions of How to obtain glass skates in Temtem, it is good that we take into account that the skates will be lost and we will not be able to reach places that we could not reach before, when we passed the 2nd dojo and we went to the third island could not reach the Four Leaf Clover that is on the first island and also the patches of tall grass in the only places of possible access with glass skates.

What about the places we didn't access with glass skates in Temtem?

  It is good that the complaints in this regard generated that a patch was issued with which we could solve this, since when we lost the skates we did not have access, but now it is possible that we get the Four Leaf Clover without these and the grass patches were transferred to places with easier access for us without the use of skates

With this we conclude the explanation, being the same as How to get glass skates in Temtem and we have noticed that these skates are of little use in our adventure but it will be fun to have access to complicated places normally.

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