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Temtem: How to Beat Tihani in the Third Island

2020-02-03 10:30:17

As we move forward we are presented with Temtem more complex. We invite you to discover How to beat Tihani in the Third Island.

 Kisawa Island is one of the impressive places that Temtem has, but to get there it is necessary to go through a battle, which is why we will show you here how to beat Tihani in the Third Island.

Where to find Tihani in Temtem?

To find Tihani in Temtem it is necessary to follow the instructions of the mission Adventures in the Mirisles, because we will have to thwart Belsoto's plans, because these are a threat in Anak volcano, where we will have the opportunity to draw Tihani's attention, obviously , she will challenge us in the Nanga Dojo, there we have the opportunity to explore the skill as a tamer, to this place we arrive in the Narval aircraft that we will take in the Turquoise city, then we will obtain a ticket to board said ship and thus be able to start in search of our goal, How to beat Tihani in the Third Island.

How to get to Thiani in Temtem?

Before knowing How to Beat Tihani in the Third Island it is necessary to reach it, because it is located in the Nanga Dojo, to reach it it is necessary to get an object that heals the burns in Temtem and is called Pansunscreen when we move to the left and right, in addition to the TC006, this being a phenomenal movement of fire that is to say a Magma Canyon, because it really is a space where we are given the possibility of moving along the trunks that usually float in the direction of the island.

We can choose to go along the center road, also moving from raft to raft, obviously as fast as we can, because it is important to always be in front of the danger, since along this road the chances of getting at least are very high three fights, because to know How to Beat Tihani in the Third Island you have to be cured, it is essential, since the secret of waiting until the last minute is not an option. One of the fights with which we will get before knowing that we are prepared to win is precisely with the first Narval officer, Mateo el Tuerto.

How to beat Tihani in the Third Island in Temtem?

The strategies to be used against it are usually varied, and this makes it quite complex, in addition to being a Temtem leader of a Dojo, where it is ideal to perform a mixture of movements, managing to get their weak points afloat. Below we show you a list of alternatives to achieve our goal:

  • Water = Level 33, Ukama.
  • Water / Flight = Level 31, Wiplump.
  • Nature = Level 33, Cerneaf.
  • Nature / Mental = Level 38, Kinu.
  • Wind = Level 33, Granpah.
  • Fire = Level 33, Mastione.

It is important to note that 4 of Tihani's Temtem without enough weakness against electric attacks, which gives us an advantage, only Cerneaf and Mastione are different, here we can have Ganki and Nesla in our team, both are of vital help, even when Nesla is a bit weak against Mastione, then in one way or another our Temtem will shine and make our goal of knowing How to Beat Tihani in the Third Island efficient.

Undoubtedly, here these Temtem have their strengths and tend to get somewhat complicated, but, it does not make them invulnerable, because even if kinu can regenerate, it will not be able to pass over us if we propose it, because for more than the struggle It becomes long because they can be quite resistant and have abundant health, the time comes when they simply get tired and give up, giving us the victory to constancy.

How to get to the third island Kisiwa in Temtemn?

In order to arrive it is essential to thwart the attack of the Besoto clan on the volcano, which allows us to reach the island using the Narwhal, but before reaching the island it will be necessary to fight Tihani, as she will give us Pansuns of 1987, and our Deendre Temtem.

 This is all you need to know about How to beat Tihani in the Third Island in Temtem.

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