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Teamfight Tactics (TFT): How to Play On Mobile

2019-07-10 22:45:56

To start we will leave this simple post so you know what you have to do to play Teamfight Tactics TFT on ios or Android devices, remember that the auto chess games are very good and in the meantime with this material you will learn easily and Quick way how to play on mobile in any of the available platforms.

By the winds that blow maybe Riot does not have planned to take TFT teamfight tactics to any mobile platform, of course it does not rule out that maybe at some point it will include how to play on mobile, but only for now we only visualize in versions for PC, because is, where we really have the greatest experience of existing players.

Given the above explanation, it is important to ask ourselves a question. What can we do if we want to play TFT teamfigh tactics on our mobile?

In this regard for sbare as playing on the mobile there are some options and they seem to be very good and the most important thing is that it is available to us. If you have previously played teamfight tactics TFT you will most likely have a steam user, if it is excellent because in order to have TFT on your mobile device or tablet you will need the steam link application, and it is fully available for devices iOS or Android, all you have to do is choose the platform you have, then download the application, once you have what you will do is configure it, it is obviously easy because you only need an internet connection, but the connection that you use device is the same with which your pc is connected, then the application will question you about whether you have a driver, which is not necessary.

instructions for how to play on mobile
Then log in to the computer because the application will search if you have steam, then they will indicate that you must enter a code which will be used to verify your device, keep in mind to keep a good internet connection because the application will test it to verify the transmission to your mobile device to keep going and to give way to be able to know how to play mobile the teamfight tactics TFT.

How to include league of legends to your steam account

On the other hand, you most likely want to include league of legends to your steam account, right? Well it's easy to go to the steam library and just click on the add a game button this is located on the bottom of the left side of the screen.
In another order of ideas if you're looking to add another game that does not belong to steam what you have to do is get to the menu, there will appear several applications that have been installed on the computer, are usually arranged alphabetically that will be easier, and only what you have to do is move to the letter L to search for league of legends, if you do not see it at first glance, what you have to do is click on browse and usually get to where it is installed , once you have got it click on the place next to the game this is done to verify it and then another click to add the selected program.

Well now you can access league of legends and in this way enter teamfight tactics TFT through steam link so it will appear and you will know how to play on mobile. In the meantime it is not perfect but the controls are very useful, you can mobilize with the mouse courses and execute the way to click, to move the little legend is simple you only need to right click, to move and place in a specific position to the champions only you have to keep pressed it drags them, if what you want is to approach it you only have to slide your fingers with direction outward on the screen.

But secondly we have another alternative to know how to play on mobile, the only thing is that you must have Nvidia graphics card, if you have it, download moonlight, it is available for iOS and Android devices, well, when you have already downloaded and installed it , it is essential to use the geforce experience application. The safest thing is that this application already has it, but if you do not have it you can get it here and thus be able to play teamfight tactics TFT.

Next you will have to open and use the gear icon to enter the configuration and being there you need to click on the shield button, it appears located in the bar on the left side, do you see a small tab? Well she will tell you if you want to enable gamestreaming or not.

When you finish this opens the moonlight application on the device, then on the computer you will notice a series of details of the host, you must touch that and it will give you a PIN available to use, then see that an open window appears on the computer where you should place it and when you have done it, ready, you will be connected, there you have the complete list of games that have been installed on your computer, so you can browse league or legends and start playing on the mobile teamfight tactics TFT.

On the way through the network I have achieved something much better as long as you are already connected to league of legends on your computer, you only have to press the left side of the screen and just move to the right side which sends you directly to the games that have been installed and thus touch the small tab to edit the controls, it is located on the left side, then turn off the controls on the screen because use the multiple controller, this makes it easier to manage the mouse cursor and to drag the finger on the screen and enjoy the knowledge of how to play on mobile and make the most of teamfight tactics TFT.

To right-click and move your Little Legend, you will have to touch your device at the location you want it to go with two fingers! You can touch the mouse on a champion and then move it to the position, you should not have to hold the button down.
Finally to mobilize the little legend what you need to do is touch the mobile device and select the place where you want your fingers to go, with the mouse cursor touching a champion and move it to the position you want, for this you do not necessarily have to keep pressed no button

I hope it was easy and easy to understand how to play on mobile teamfight tactics TFT.

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