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Teamfight Tactics: How to wins easily - The best strategy to win

2019-07-04 20:05:17

Find out about the best strategies to win in Teamfight Tactics. Here we will show you how to get to victory.

If you want to be a winner in Teamfight Tactics you must have a good game strategy, because in the genre of the autobattler you have to defeat the enemies. It is for this reason that in this opportunity we will be taught which are the best strategies to win in Teamfight Tactics.

 How to easily win in Teamfight Tactics?

First of all, you should know that Teamfight Tactics is composed of the administration of gold and time, the recipes of elements and the identification of champions. Also a lot of Teamfight Tactics is reduced to RNG and how you can react to that.

Strategies to win in Teamfight Tactics

Strategy of economy - Teamfight Tactics

In Teamfight Tactics there are many ways to earn money, however, this is considered the most important strategy in Teamfight Tactics in terms of economy. Well, regardless of the outcome of a round, it is always guaranteed that you will earn money with it, you can also get more money by winning or losing streak. You can earn more at the highest level you are at.

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    How to accumulate money over time in Teamfight Tactics?

    An additional coin will appear for every ten coins you save at the end of each round. With this you can manage to collect up to five gold coins per turn if you have 50 gold in the bank you can get a lot of money in the long term. So prepare to save money.

    If you are trying to develop a particular composition and you do not get the Champions you have planned, now you can do it easily, since you have the possibility to put your money in increasing your level and the size of your team. That means that higher level Champions will be available to you first than to other players, so you can choose the one you want. Although you should keep in mind that in some cases you will need to update the store.

    Strategy - Teamfight Tactics Classes

    The genre of the autobattler has one of the basic elements capable of motivating you to accumulate Champions of the same Class offering a benefit, and Teamfight Tactics is not the exception, as these Classes are vital when constructing destructive team compositions. As is the case with the Ninja-Assassins, which cause 80% more physical damage if four of them are on the board.

    Although Ninja-Assassin is quite popular, Void-Assassin is also quite vigorous and can be built in case the other does not work. So you must have knowledge of what they do so you can be adaptable if you do not have the best of luck.

    Positioning strategy - Teamfight Tactics

    In Teamfight Tactics it is important where you position each champion. Keep your assassins in the back line, because when they start the fight they can teleport to the back line of the enemy.

    Generally the Assassins try to jump directly in front of them, which indicates that your opponent can modify their units to change their course and thus prevent you from killing your Carrier Champion. Although when starting Teamfight Tactics this forecast is quite difficult to anticipate, since you will face enemies in a random way, once you enter the game late, or when you have a one-on-one confrontation you can predict the previous one much easier by clicking on your icon and see what they're doing

    You can also configure your teams defensively. Classes such as Wizards and Archers have the ability to cause a lot of damage, however, they are quite soft. So you should think very well about putting tank classes in front of them, like a Guardian.

    Team strategy - Fighting tactics

    In Teamfight Tactics you can find elements two ways, as shown below:

    1. In Creep waves: Killing them has the possibility of releasing one completely randomly.

    2. During the carousel phase: In that phase you can observe the Champions walking in a circle, with this you will know what item they are carrying, seeing it floating above their head. It should be noted that this phase can be used to search for objects, in addition to collecting Champions.

    Once you get your Champ, you can sell them and in this way you will snag the item they were carrying.

    There are eight basic elements in total and all have the ability to combine to form something else. Although remembering all combinations of elements will be quite complicated, you should put all your effort to achieve it. Try to remember at least some of the heroes that you like the most.

    We recommend that you be patient enough and encourage yourself to play the long game in Teamfight Tactics applying all the strategies that we offered in this article so that you can become a winner of Teamfight Tactics.

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