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Teamfight Tactics: How to upgrade champions

2019-06-27 13:31:24

Teamfight Tactics has already premiered, the open beta of the game Teamfight Tactics has already been officially launched in almost the entire world by Riot, the developers of the video game. Although its premiere in the American continent is scheduled for this Friday, June 28, 2019, we can say that it is almost in the hands of everyone.

Teamfight Tactics has certain similarities with the original Dota Auto Chess mod, among them is that in Teamfight Tactics it is also very important to know how to update the champions. Keep in mind that updating the champions in Teamfight Tactics will allow you to evolve them to achieve a better and higher performance with each update you make, in order to have a better performance in combat.

Updating the champions in Teamfight Tactics is not a complicated task, basically you have to combine your duplicate heroes to generate a more updated version of it in many aspects. But so that you know exactly how to update the champions in Teamfight Tactics we have prepared a detailed but direct guide on the subject and we leave it to you next.

How to update the champions in Teamfight Tactics.

When you first start in Teamfight Tactics, you will notice that all heroes have a single star level. Naturally you will not get very far with only one star in your level, so you have to update the heroes. In order to update the heroes you will have to accumulate at least three of the same hero, this will make Teamfight Tactics automatically update your hero to go from 1 star to 2 stars of level.

If you want to still have much more power, your task will be to update at least three heroes to the level of 2 stars, this will make one of those three heroes become the highest level that a hero can reach, level 3.

Try to update the Teamfight Tactics champions in an equitable way in which everyone can be updated. But in case you simply do not want to update one in particular try to simply sell it to receive some gold and to prevent the store in which you buy from being affected.

Always try to keep in mind the moment when you need to update the champions in Teamfight Tactics to avoid doing it when it is too late and make sure you have a good number of units of combinations to have variety.