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Teamfight Tactics: How to play on my phone? - Configuration guide

2019-08-16 19:35:32

In this guide we will explain How to play on my phone Teamfight Tactics using Chrome's remote desktop, here you will learn to make the necessary settings.

You may have wondered How to play on my phone this game, if you are a fan and want to play Teamfight Tactics on your phone you must use Chrome's remote desktop. It is usually a very simple application and is a part of Chrome browser. Through this application you can have remote access to your PC, this way you can do it from your phone with the application or from another PC.

How to configure my PC to play Teamfight Tactics

To play Teamfight Tactics with the phone, you must first configure your computer, it works with Windows, Linux and mac, the configuration steps are as follows:

  • 1 Start the Chrome browser.

  • 2 Type remotedesktop.google.com/Access in the address bar.

  • 3 Click downloads in the remote access settings.

  • 4 you have to wait and follow the intrusions that appear on the screen.

 You can request that you enter your password to access, you may also be asked to change the security settings.

 How to set up my phone with the PC in Teamfight Tactics

 In order for you to have access to your computer on your phone you must follow these steps:

  •  - You must download to your mobile and open the Chrome Desktop application.

  • - If you have several PCs you must select the one you want to access.

  • - If you see that you access your computer click on it, if you want to access another PC click connect.

  • - Then you will be asked for the access code you must enter.

  • - Press connect.

 How to configure LoL on the computer to play Teamfight Tactics on my phone

 You will wonder how to play on my phone, well for that we return to the computer and start any game, then press Esc and go to the video settings, there you must select the window mode likewise the borderless mode, that's it You can go back to your phone and play Teamfight Tactics.

 How to configure the controls on my phone to play Teamfight Tactics

It's very simple, just slide your fingers from the top of the phone across the screen, you'll see a settings bar, look for the mouse and keyboard icon. Using the mouse the cursor indicates when we click, the finger will be your courses you just have to select something and touch it with the tip of the finger in this way you will click, the mouse works more effectively in TFT.

We hope this guide has been of your interest, now you know how to configure your computer and your phone to play Teamfight Tactics, we hope you have learned How to play on my phone and make the settings correctly.

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