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Teamfight Tactics How to play it - Tips and tricks

2019-06-27 14:13:19

Previously we have already talked about the video game developed by Riot and released in almost all the world, Teamfight Tactics. Teamfight Tactics is already in almost all the world and in the next hours it will be available in the American continent to complete its worldwide launch.

Previously we had already said that Teamfight Tactics has certain similarities with Dota Auto Chess, only a few, but do not think that by knowing Dota Auto Chess then you will already know how to play Teamfight Tactics instantly. This will surely and promptly ask you how to play it.

How to play and a little more about Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics will face you in a battle in which you will have to fight against seven enemies (but not create that all will fall on you at the same time), which you will have to shoot down one by one. When you start the round, you will have to select a League of Legends champion to fight the enemies, choose only one of those that will be available per round.

Start the round and your champion will have two options, either to transport himself to the enemy board or to go directly to his, either of them will start the battle.

Your objective will be to deplete the 100 points of life that each enemy possesses, preventing him from exhausting yours. In one of our guides we had already talked about how to update the champions in order to have a better performance in combat, try to update the champions so that each time their performance and resistance is better.

Open beta and closed beta.

Fortunately, the open beta of Teamfight Tactics is now available. Recall that closed beta gave many problems to users who wanted to play Teamfight Tactics, in addition to making them spend real money in an account to get the rank Honor Level Three, also made them wait a long time to open the closed beta .

Recall that the open beta will be available throughout the world on June 28, 2019 when it is finally launched in the Americas.