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Teamfight Tactics: How to Build an army - tips and tricks

2019-08-15 15:49:58

In this guide you will find necessary information from Teamfight Tactics, where we will tell you some tips and tricks so you can build an army, you should know that everything depends on luck.

In this game Teamfight Tactics much of its content depends on the luck of the player, for this you must adapt to the different changing conditions of the map. When you start a game you can not concentrate on one of the particular combinations of heroes. You have to consider the characters you draw and combine your playing style so you can build an army.

 How to build an army in Teamfight Tactics

 When starting Teamfight Tactics, usually the base of your army is the heroes that fight in the front line, once there they will determine which army you will develop in the game. Once you build the first line you must choose the units that are subtracted according to the origin of your tanks to start building an army.

 To start building an army in Teamfight Tactics we advise you to take these 3 knights for the first line Garen, Darius, Mordekaiser, you can get them for a gold each. We also recommend the wild adventurers Warwick / Rek'Sai, the two belong to the Brawler class, when you buy them you will immediately get a useful synergy. You can combine these adventurers with the knights. Apart from these warriors you have many more possibilities for your army.

 What characters do the classes have in Teamfight Tactics

In Teamfight Tactics each class has more efficient characters that should be in the front line. If you want to get a magician invest in Kassadine, and for the Serious pirates, all this depends on your champions drawn at the beginning and those who buy their enemies. Keep in mind that to build an army we do not recommend buying Darius if other players obtained it.

Having your first line positioned, you can build an army having the 3 Knights when you play with Garen. We advise you to focus on the Noble faction. The warriors you need are Vine, Fiora and Luciana.

With the Wild Adventurers you can continue 2 different directions, one of them the fraction of the wild, this has Warwick, Gnar, Ahri, Rengar and Nidalee. In this case you will receive a significant bonus on attack speed. The next possibility you have available is the Void fraction with Kassadin, Kha'zix or Cho'gotha, you can also add them to build your army.

We hope as usual to have been useful with our Teamfight Tactics guide, take into account our tips and tricks so you can build an important army to make your game more meaningful.

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