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Team Sonic Racing Trick: How to get a boost at the start line

2019-05-20 16:14:12

The new installment belonging to the famous Sonic series, is Team Sonic Racing, whose theme is nothing more than the classic kart racing. Like previous titles, it focuses on the world of Sonic rather than the general characters. However, as is customary in this title, certain usual tricks have also been included in classic Karts games, such as Impulse at the start of the race. Below we will tell you the details including how to do it.

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Team Sonic Racing Boost

The Boost at the start of the race in the Karts games is a special impulse that seeks to have a certain advantage over the opponents when the race starts. All the games before this new title of Sonic Racing has had this trick.

It's a usual trick that is included in the titles belonging to the games that are based on Kart racing. This began with the first Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. However, the way to do the trick varies between game and game, but it's worth doing because even if you don't do it, it's very sure that your opponents get it.

How to do the Boost in Team Sonic Racing

To achieve the Boost in Team Sonic Racing you must be aware of the countdown "3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Go!" That is done at the start of the race.
The imposed you get it when you press the button to accelerate just as each number appears and then to start with everything, you press again to accelerate just when the race begins.

You'll know that you did't in the correct way because you'll see some lights in the back of the vehicle. First you will see a blue light, then you can see a purple that gives a boost with more power.

You must keep in mind that house number that you don't get, it'll be a minor impulse. However, the befencio that there is that if you do not get the impulse, you are not going to stay turning in the exit, as it happens in Mario Kart. If you take this into account, it's even more worth trying.

Now that you know this secret, you're much more likely to beat everyone in the new Team Sonic Racing. Don't forget to leave comments with your experiences, doubts or details that you want to add, here at xboxplay.games.

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