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Team Sonic Racing Guide: Why do collect Golden Rings?

2019-05-22 14:12:07

SEGA has already launched its new title focused on Kart racing: Team Sonic Racing. This has maintained some exclusivity with its content since all the characters available in Team Sonic Racing, as well as other features, belong to the Sonic the Hedgehog Universe. In addition to the characters, the other characteristic feature in the Universe are the classic Golden Rings and that this time they make their appearance in this new title. At this point questions will arise such as: What are Golden Rings? o What are the Golden Rings for? In this article of xboxplay.games we will answer this, keep reading.

Team Sonic Racing: Ring race (Chao) platinum medal

Golden Rings by Team Sonic Racing

Like the Coins in Mario Bros in their universe, the Golden Rings in Sonic the Hedgehog are a characteristic feature in that universe since they have appeared since their inception in their games and everything related to it (except for the previous title Sega Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed).

During the races you can get these rings on the track, mostly arranged in rows, but also in circular groups, all in order to collect as much as possible. This will give you several benefits, below the reasons for collecting Golden Rings are explained.

Reasons to collect Golden Rings in Team Sonic Racing

The Golden Rings are in Team Sonic Racing not for aesthetics but for specific reasons, some simple and others more relevant.

 The simple reason is that the more the Golden Rings are the more it will help you to increase your final score in the race, which is quite important in a Grand Prix (although more important than the Rings is the final position).

A more relevant reason to the previous one is that the Golden Rings help you to increase your maximum speed. This means that the more Rings you collect, the faster your speed will be. This feature is something comparable to the functionality with the Coins in Mario Kart.

As you can see, the Rings can be important for a good performance in the race. However, it's necessary to be careful in the development of a race, because you can lose the Golden Rings.

You can lose all your Golden Rings in the race

In the Sonic the Hedgehog games, the moment an enemy inflicted damage it ended up causing you to lose all the Rings. The same can happen in Team Sonic Racing.

During a race in Team Sonic Racing, when an enemy manages to hit you, you may end up losing almost all of your rings. This should be avoided as much as possible because, of course, if you lose the Golden Rings you also lose your benefits, for what you owe.

Those are the general characteristics that have the Golden Rings in the new Team Sonic Racing, now go to collect many, but don't forget to share this article with your friends as it can also serve them a lot. Also remember to leave comments with your in-game experiences, questions or any details you wish to comment to help the community here at xboxplay.games.

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