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Surge 2: where to find tech scrap

2019-09-25 06:52:21

Do you want to know where to find tech scrap in Surge 2? Then don't miss anything in this section.

In this new installment of Surge 2, we will give you a series of indications that will help you to know where to find tech scrap, since it will be a fundamental piece in the game to improve your character and equipment, so take a look.

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    Where to find tech scrap in Surge 2?

    First of all, before finding technological scrap, you should know that the enemies you will face in the first part of the game can be exchanged with security guards, who have a lot of hardware to defeat, as well as the ability to provide more technological waste. However, the more advances in history, you will have to face more powerful enemies, making the cultivation of Tech Scrap also become hardware.

    Then you will have to choose a MedBay that is very close to an enemy. To do this you must make use of the implants that increase the amount of Tech Scrap you acquire and face the enemies either by jumping or using a drone until you kill them to loot the scrap metal.

    Later you will have to access the MedBay and interact with the Gear Assembly, which will reappear to the enemies. You should know that Surge 2 gives you the possibility to repeat this process as many times as you need to get Tech Scrap, but you should be very careful, because if you die, the multiplier will go to zero, making you start all over again.

    It is worth mentioning that the recovery implant has the capacity to increase the amount of scrap obtained by up to 40%, being your best option to find techn scrap efficiently in Surge 2.

    Next we will show you which are the main locations to cultivate Tech Scrap, so pay attention:

    Gideon's Rock: here you must go down the steps to Cloud Canyon, where you can face two enemies. One with melee weapons and the other with ranged weapons. You will have the option to isolate the melee enemy and take care of it first and then proceed to chase the enemy from a distance. After that, you will face another enemy as you go. By defeating them all, you can go back and go up the stairs to MedBay.

    Resident on the roof: once you have sired, you should go through the door to your left and turn right. At this point you will meet the enemy, which you must kill as many times as you want to be able to cultivate Tech Scrap. Then you can move forward and turn left until you reach the Blue Sparkle Compound where you will find another MedBay.

    Underground: in this location you must go down the stairs until you reach the Drained Hall, where you will find an enemy located at the end of the stairs, which you must win to fall into the next area. Upon arrival you should be aware that you will be ambushed by a couple more enemies, so you must defeat them and loot their bodies. Later you can climb the stairs and access the Medbay.

    Basically these are the ways to find tech scrap in Surge 2.

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