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Surge 2: Where to Find Implants - Implants Guide

2019-09-25 15:41:11

Do you want to know where to find implants in Surge 2? Then you should take a look here, since we have it covered.

The foundation of the implants in Surge 2 is not enough, since unfortunately you only get limited slots to equip the slots at the beginning, so you will have to administer them as best as possible unless you find the best implants, which allow you to unlock all the slots and equip them, so it’s essential that you know where to find implants. Therefore, in this opportunity we bring to you a guide on where to find implants, this in order that you can opt for the best without major complications, so stay with us to find out everything.

Where to find implants in Surge 2?

It is necessary for you to know that when the implants are equipped, they provide you with some bonuses, which are relevant, in addition that without these implants you will not be able to progress in Surge 2, since the only healing mechanics existing in the future come from Implants, so It is necessary to know where to find implants.

Surge 2 offers a different menu, in which implants can be administered, obtaining a limited number of slots to equip them, that is, initially only accounts with 4 implants. When you reach power level 20, you will begin to unlock more implant slots. In levels higher than this, you can unlock a space after every 10 levels. It is worth mentioning that Surge 2 allows you to change implants depending on your playing style and level of competence in which you are.

In case you want to make the game a bit easier, you will have to know where to find implants and equip them as shown below:

Directional block analyzer: this implant will notify you of all incoming attacks so that you can defend yourself by stopping them in the right direction before the attack is connected, so it is ideal for both blocking and stopping enemy attacks. You can get it as soon as you get your equipment.

Nanitas Destroyer: Increase your effectiveness against the enemies of Nanite. You can find it inside a chest in Wild Boar Path in Metea Forest.

Automatic healing dynamo: with this implant your sustainability in battles will increase considerably. To find it, you must go to the Power Station to beat the SPARK Galvanizer by cutting off its head. You can also find it in a loot chest in the subway.

Robotic disruptor: allows your character to be more effective against robotic enemies. You can get it inside a chest in Wild Boar Path in Metea Forest, Gideon’s Rock.

Energy Dynamo: this implant allows you to improve your energy management and ensuring that there is always some energy left. To find it, you must enter the Sanitation Alley from Gideon Plaza, using the side alley, since there you will find a chest that is where this implant is located.

Manslayer: offers greater effectiveness against humanoid enemies. To access it, you must beat and cut off the head of the Heavy Cultist in Port Nixo.

Nano Absorbent: This implant increases your Nano defense. To get it, you must kill the Nanobeast in Gideon's Rock and cut off his head.

Physical Aggression Redirector: allows you to improve your cutting skills in Surge 2, making most of the blows are in the right part, generating maximum damage to enemies. To find it you must go to the detention center and move to the center of Jericho City. Once you are on the bridge guarded by a double-duty scavenger, you will have to kill him to move forward and find the implant located on a platform.

Dynamic Redirector: it is ideal for cases in which you run out of energy during battles. To obtain it you must buy it through Molly at Seaside Court.

This concludes the guide on where to find implants in Surge 2. Now that you have all this knowledge, it is time to share them with your friends and tell them where to find implants so they can progress in the game.

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