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Surge 2: Where to Find All Items

2019-09-26 13:57:36

If you still don't know where to find all items in Surge 2, don't worry about anything, because in this guide we have everything covered for you.

If you want to go far in Surge 2, you will want to know where to find all items the key articles of the game, which will be necessary to progress in the story. Some will be necessary to improve certain things, others will have to use them to break through the missions and move forward.

where to find all items Surge 2 objects?

    The first article is the EMP-44 Starfish.

It is a drone which follows you on your missions and helps you unlock doors.

To achieve this, you will have to kill Chief Little Johnny, the enemy of a three-legged spider-robot who you will also have to kill. To kill Johnny you will have to cut the cooling tanks that he has in several parts of his body, in total there are 6 tanks, cut those of his legs first and then go up.

Always be very attentive so that it does not reach you with any of its attacks, prevents it from trampling you with its legs, or that it reaches you with the attack where it balances you, keep your guard up while still damaging the tanks so that it overheats and you can Get the drone as a reward.

   The second and last article is the Power Hook.

This is an essential item if you are going to use Zipline Exo lines.

To get this article you will have to go to Liang Wei Hospital, stop by the AID command and then go through the entrance control gateway, go through the viewpoint until you find the chest where this article will be.

And voila, if you were wondering where to find all items the Surge 2 objects, now you know they are only two, but despite this, they are very necessary, so get them.

Now that you know where to find all items and how to do it, we hope you can take full advantage of this guide, remember that we have much more content of Surge 2 and other titles that will surely be useful for you to continue progressing in your favorite games.

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