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Surge 2: How to Use the Drone - tips and tricks

2019-09-28 16:00:31

 In Surge 2 the drone has become a fundamental element for players, in this guide we'll give you some tips and tricks on how to use the drone when you need it in a fight.
As you must know the drone you get when you eliminate Warden Garcia in Surge 2, it's a single-shot weapon, but it's uniquely important, allowing you to shoot down enemies with firearms and projectiles, apart from that you can get additional modules, such as launch or sniper modules, so it's important to know how to use the drone

 What is the importance of the Dron in Surge 2?

In Surge 2, your Dron can be a very important power when it comes to dismember an enemy, as well as destroy your enemies with ammunition, has the ability to transport 20 omni-cells without implants in order to increase the amount, on the other hand it is important to know that each module has a specific consumption of ammunition.

How to Use the Drone in Surge 2?

if you want to know how to use the drone, is very simple to do just point to your enemy, press Y or key 3, once your drone is in the air, press again Y or key 3 to shoot, from that moment you will see a timer that will let you know the time of his deployment, if you want to shoot again the timer is reset.
The ammunition you need in Surge 2 for your drone, can be obtained in boxes, which will fall from the extremities of your enemies, we recommend enemies who have weapons, unfortunately these ammunition can not acquire or buy from the NPC, note that every ammunition that exceeds 20 omni-cells, will be deposited and you can replenish every time you go to the medical bay, so visit from time to time.

 What is the use of the Dron in Surge 2?

 Fortunately the Surge 2´s drone has two types of very significant uses in this game, so if you want to know how to use the drone here you have it.

You will have two social modules when you play asynchronous multiplayer and battle weapons, the first module is the W-101 aerosol can, with this tin you can make a graffiti in order to be seen by other players, you will have the option of 3 symbols, these you can paint to your liking, with the drone you can spray the aerosol where you want to aim the desired color, graffiti are widely used by players to identify where there is a booty or enemy.
 The other module that you will have available is the W-102 Banner, this allows you to leave a hologram that is only theirs in the place where you implement it, we recommend that you hide it where it is difficult to get, because if many people get it you will get less scrap metal at the time of winning, it is also possible to get banners of other players, these will bring you more scrap.
As for their weapons, the drone becomes a powerful social and combat weapon, if you know how to use it in the middle of the battle will be helpful to destroy armor, fatten your enemies, attract other players who arrive unexpectedly to their whereabouts, knowing how to use it is your best advantage.
This is all we hope that our Surge 2 guide, has been a great help in the game, now you know how to use the drone, just know the right time to get the best out of your adventures and battles.

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