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Surge 2: How to upgrade and get gear

2019-09-25 06:07:01

Thank you for being with us, this time our guide gives you help in Surge 2, we will tell you How to upgrade and get gear, in order to do so you will need Tech Scrap.

In Surge 2 if your desire is to know how to update and obtain equipment, we will tell you how, first you must have Tech Scrap so that you can update it, and these in turn you will receive every time you face an enemy and destroy it, to that you store it in your Medbay, you just have to press the triangle button, Tech Scrap is very useful for different things among them it serves to update your equipment, improve your health, resistance, among several other things.

How to upgrade and get gear in Surge 2

Apart from the above, you will need to fulfill other necessary steps, the only way to do so is to be in Medbay, so you need to have Tech Scrap and of course enemy parts. In order for you to get the enemy parts that you require in Surge 2, you must aim their limbs using the joystick precisely the blue parts that will be easier for you to eliminate.

You should know that the yellowish parts will be shielded, as you will understand they will be more difficult to kill, but if you manage to do it you can get what you need, to do so you only have to press on the Xbox One the X key if you play with PS4 press Squere, only when damage one of his limbs. This way you will get your finisher with an available battery slot, for this reason you have to have a battery in your available inventory.

Once you have all the indicated requirements, it is time for you to know how to update and obtain equipment, the first thing you should do is go to the updates tab, which also deserves Tech Scrap and members of your enemies, you just have to Choose which part to update and will immediately be identified with a green key. Something very important to know is that you have to update in ascending order starting from MK I, to be clearer if you want to upgrade your MK III arm you have to destroy MK III enemies, so we advise you to gather everything you want and save them on your Medbay before updating what you want.

Other of your opportunities in Surge 2, is that you can change parts of a higher level into parts of a lower level, as long as you have the necessary elements, to put it in a way you can upgrade your MK IV arm to MK V if you only get MK VI arms, you can do it without any inconvenience. In conclusion, obtain from your enemies the parts you need to update your equipment.

That's all, thanks for always being with us, we hope our Surge 2 guide has been helpful, now you know How to upgrade and get gear, do not forget that before going to the update menu you must have the necessary elements available in Medbay

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