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Surge 2: How to tag and make banners - tips and tricks

2019-09-25 10:09:46

We have prepared a guide for you to know how to tag and make banners in Surge 2.

Surely during the exploration and the tour of the city Jerico, you will have noticed that there are banners and some graffiti, some of these you will see in places a little difficult to reach, as you will see they are a lot and many of them have been left by other players online, so let's tag them.

How to tag in Surge 2 ?

First the labels are sprayed and this is done with the W-101 Spray Can module, this is an element that the drone likes, it is an article that allows another player to see you, these are simply 3, symbols, which have as purpose is either to help or serve as an obstacle for other players, there we can select the messages whether they are good or not, you can also find a label error that may show you as an author when these are not ours.

All this is given to find the statue of the giant octopus, where we will see an NPC that stays warm, during the history tour, here we are in the right place, we just need to rest a little on a rail and then go down and fight with the enemies to eliminate them, and then we will see the ledge with our module waiting for us.

How to make banners in Surge 2 ?

First we must collect some elements, we do this when climbing the ramp and find again the guy who stays warm. One of the items collected is the M-102 Banner drone module, a very important piece, because we can recreate the position of our character wherever we want, this is interesting enough because through it we can hide our banner where no curious can Come watch.

It is important to plant the banners by several sites, since you have attractive rewards and it is that after an hour of being active we can receive at least 5000 tech scrap, interesting truth, although if another player manages to touch it we will receive less, only 250 tech scrap , are few but very valuable in the game.

We hope that our guide on how to tags and banners  will be useful in Surge 2.

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