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Surge 2: How to Jump - tips and tricks

2019-09-26 12:25:15

The Surge 2 game, presents a variety of actions that you can perform with your character, in this guide we will give you some tips and tricks so you know how to jump in the game.

 Surge 2, every time it surprises us with new actions that leave us with our mouths open, some of them are more difficult to achieve than others, surely you are wondering how to jump in this game, for this reason we have prepared this guide to help you.

 How to jump in Surge 2?

 Unfortunately Surge 2 does not have a jump button, however you will have the option to take small jumps when you run, if you find yourself playing with PS4 press the X button, if you are with Xbox One press A, and then the L3 button . You must know that in order to make the small jump you have to press L3 while running to the maximum, you have the option of obtaining an element that is in the middle of the space you jump.

 Unfortunately in this game there is no other way to jump or take a better jump, this game is designed so that you remain on the floor most of the game, if you are in combat you will not be able to make the small jumps, so you will not be able to hang on the ledges or jump to dodge an attack. As you can see it is a strategy of the game so that you face in the battles and do not escape using the jumps.

 Thanks once again for your preference, we hope that in this guide you have clarified all your doubts, you know that Surge 2, now you know that the option of how to jump, is not available in the game, so take advantage of the trick we leave you here and take advantage.

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