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Surge 2: How To Get the A.I.D Armor - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 16:05:21

In this guide of Surge 2 we are going to indicate the steps that we must follow to know how to get the A.I.D armor from the game.

Before getting the armor we will have to finalize some important details, such as receiving the call from the stranger an NPC, which we met earlier, and informing us about hiding under the canal bridge, but that is not all because for now we must have defeated little Johnny as well as having got the drone and the EMP 44 starfish in Surge 2.

How to get the A.I.D armor in Surge 2?

To obtain the armor we must cultivate the pieces such as helmets, leg armor, arm armor, etc. For this it is necessary that you turn around the boulevard All Saint, because there we will notice that there are a couple of guards who keep guarding an energy gate in a station and they carry full armor.

To gather those pieces of the armor it is required that you take away the guards an arm, a leg, part of the skull, we must have 2 pieces of the arms, 2 pieces of the legs, this we execute in Med Bay.

Once we have done this work, we go to the stranger's hiding place to sell the items, then we can get a swag that is in a chest where we were sitting, once we have sold the items to the stranger he will give us the mission that he provoke for us to execute.

We will meet the stranger on Boulevard All Saint, he will ask us for some armor, to get to this place we must move in the magnetic elevator in the direction of the canal, and climb, there we find a closed door that we will need to open with the EMP 44 starfish.

Finally, we hope our guide will help you to know how to get A.I.D armor in Surge 2.

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