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Surge 2: How to get new weapons and armor

2019-09-25 06:29:33

Surge 2, like other games give us the option of obtaining new weapons and armor, so we have developed this guide where we will guide you to get them easier.

You will have noticed in Surge 2, that when an enemy R3 is blocked, it is possible to push the right analog stick wherever you want in order to target specific parts of the enemy's body, so you would like to aim preferably at the orange parts, Being one of the armored parts, the blue ones are unshielded parts, that is the principle to obtain new weapons and armor.

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    How to get new weapons and armor in Surge 2

    You can make your decision about which part of your enemy you choose to dismember and get your reward in Surge 2, you should only use directional attacks, which will serve to charge a battery cell. It is very important that you keep in mind that if you manage to do enough damage and give the necessary blows so that you can charge a full battery, you will see a button on the screen, you must press it until you manage to dismember your target, after this you will be able to Get an outline so you can make the necessary armor in a Medbay.

    Continuing with the way to obtain new weapons and armor, we already told you how to obtain your armor, to obtain new weapons it is very similar you just have to aim at the arm of your enemy in which you hold your weapon, regardless of whether your arm is protected with a armor, the important thing here is that you can get your weapon immediately.

    This is all we hope our guide has been very helpful in Surge 2, you know how to get new weapons and armor in the game, you just have to remember each of the steps we leave here.

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