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Surge 2: How to Get Blueprints - tips and tricks

2019-09-25 15:24:57

The plans are one of the novelties of Surge 2, through this guide we will give you some very interesting tips and tricks on how to get blueprints more easily during the game.

It is very important that you have a very powerful defense in Surge 2 when you have to face enemies difficult to kill in the game, that's why we recommend you get a good armor, however getting it is not so easy, so we suggest that you better build, and for you to do it you need plans, in this guide we will tell you how to obtain plans for you to build your armor.

How to get blueprints in Surge 2?

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    Fortunately, the armor planes are easy to get, all you have to do is confront your enemies in combat by constantly attacking their limbs until they are cut, every time you do it you will get a specific plane according to the limb you have cut, that is, Depending on the strength of your enemy either in the legs or arms, you will attack that limb if it is what you need for your armor.

    Now if what you are looking for is a piece of copper you must point in the right place, and so with everything you want, you will realize when you get a plan through a game alert, now you know what to do to create your new team, and you can do it from medbays throughout the game, as long as you have the necessary materials.

    That's all, thanks for following us, we hope our Surge 2 guide has been helpful to clarify your doubts, you know how to get blueprints, do not forget that you get them from your enemies, you just have to attack your opponent's limb that You want to buy in your medbays.

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