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Surge 2: How to Gain Energy - tips and tricks

2019-09-25 15:10:43

To play Surge 2, and to have the best successes in the fights the secret is to maintain good energy, in this guide we will tell you through some tricks and tips you will know how to gain energy

The energy in Surge 2, is the main source of power you will have in the game, it will be your main armor specifically represented by the lightning symbol, this makes you even more powerful, it would be the full battery energy, I could compare it with the resistance , that is to say that according to the amount of charge of the battery it will be your attack power with your implants. Reason why you should know how to gain energy to keep it to the maximum.

How to gain energy in Surge 2?

As you could tell in Surge 2, the implants are very interesting, especially if they generate good health, now energy is the key point here, the best way to gain energy in the game is by successfully attacking enemies , and fortunately the more attacks you achieve the more energy you will get.

There is a type of attack called a landing attack, this is the best of all to get more energy, the best way to do it is to keep it tight as much as possible, if you manage to land that taque your energy levels will be excellent and your enemy will falter . There is another way for you to update your energy to the maximum, this is in Medbays, but according to its progress in the levels, the more levels the greater your energy.

As we always hope that our Surge 2 guide has been helpful in this game and you have clarified all your doubts about how to gain energy, remember that your energy is the power you will have in your game, that is, the more anergy the more power you will have.

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