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Surge 2: how to dodge on PS4, Xbox One and PC

2019-09-24 15:17:43

Finally, Surge 2 has arrived and with it, quite strong robot enemies arrive, so keeping it in good vitality is essential, this game came for the PS4, Xbox One and PC consoles.

Dodging the attacks is essential in the game, because it keeps us at a distance, especially if we come from a fight that has caused us enough damage, or when we get stuck with an enemy.

How to dodge attacks in Surge 2?

To dodge attacks an option is to press the A / X buttons, and run, because with this we will mark a distance in relation to our enemy, on the other hand, we can point the left analog joystick, to change the direction of our character by pressing the button .

Dodge attacks is quite simple actually, it is too easy and comfortable, just press the X button if you are playing on PS4, press the A button if you are on Xbox One, or finally the space bar on the PC.

It is important to use the Dodge movement, as this helps us maintain vitality, because it is as if it generated a protective shield causing us not to receive considerable damage during a fight.

To close we hope our guide is useful and you can dodge attacks while fighting in Surge 2.

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