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Surge 2: How to Beat Warden Garcia - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 12:01:03

Next we will explain to you how we can beat the warden Garcia the first boss we meet in Surge 2.

How can we do to beat warden Garcia in Surge 2?

The first activity that we will carry out to defeat the warden Garcia, is to place a Directional Parry Analyzer implant, because this is essential to be able to block the dangerous and aggressive attacks of our enemy, the drone is one of the artifacts with which our enemy will mostly attack us, With this device he tries to keep us to the limit, so it is important to move away a little, shield us with the pillars and attack him with our implant so that he can wobble and we can attack him from lunge continuously with blows in combo.

Another of the attacks that this enemy uses is to throw grenades on the ground around him, these generate a ton of damage, causing burns.

Actually, the warden can be a bit difficult to beat, so make sure you cause damage to his unprotected arm. We have to maintain continuous focus and prime directional blocks so you can get the drone in Surge 2 as a reward.

We hope our guide has been very clear, you can beat warden Garcia and continue advancing in Surge 2, any comments, let him know.

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