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Surge 2: How to Beat the Delver - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 10:12:03

As we can see Surge 2 is filled with characters full of nano, and with a series of highly dangerous attacks, and in this guide we will tell you how to beat the Delver, follow our steps.

 This is one of the difficult-to-kill Surge 2 monsters, because this hundred different phases you must face in the battle, so we recommend you to be well equipped before making the decision to face it, so that your battle is easier for you , we bring you this guide on how to beat the Delver in its three phases.

How to beat Delver in Surge 2?

As we mentioned before, there are three phases that you must overcome during the battle, then we will decipher each one of them.

How is the first phase to beat Delver in Surge 2?

Fortunately the first phase of how to beat Delver is very simple, for the reason that Delver is very weak to the position, one of the best tricks to advance the fight in this phase is by performing three easy-to-follow strokes, which are quite Easy to block, we recommend attacking his unarmed legs, in this way you can cause damage, be prepared to dodge his  blows and attacks. After his third attack he is going to bury himself under the ground, if you manage to make a side attack you will be out of danger. After burying he will leave in his third burrow, so you have to be very aware to block or dodge, while he jumps until he runs out of his health bar.

How difficult to beat is the second phase of Delver in Surge 2?

Once you manage to exhaust his green health bar Delver enters its second phase in Surge 2, in this phase of how to beat Delver, it becomes more aggressive than in the first, here you have to constantly attack the armor of his legs until you destroy it, you require a couple of charge attacks, this way it will weaken it. You have to be alert because it can make a continuous charge attack that you must dodge, we recommend you keep your back attached to the wall, this way you will have it close and you can attack it causing some damage while Delver is staggered. You must take advantage of the moment when Delver bends down to hit his rear guard three times in a row and cause him great damage.

Delver followed in Surge 2, takes the form of many handyman, and heads towards the ceiling, you must be alert at this time as it will launch projectiles directly where you are, while this way you will not be able to do anything, just You have to stay away and protect yourself from the projectiles, after this it will return to the earth being staggered for a few seconds, it is time to lay it down on a wall at the time of landing, unfortunately the projectiles create groups on the ground that allow health from The Delver, so be sure to destroy them, you must continue the attacks until their purple health bar runs out.

How difficult to beat is the third phase of Delver in Surge 2?

We have reached the last phase of how to beat the Delver, once its purple health bar is completely exhausted it enters its third and final phase of the battle, this is the most difficult part of this fight, since Delver will specialize in his nano attacks, we recommend that you have at this stage a nano purge injection implant available in your inventory. This monster will constantly launch nano attack towards you spinning you, you must be very alert to the puddles of nano damage that leave these attacks, we recommend you to be away from them.

 It is the moment in Surge 2 when Delver regenerates its arms if they have been destroyed, so you should focus on them, they will create nano weapons that can increase their attack, you have to attack and break them, because this will be the way to slow down his attacks and leave him stunned, that´s the best opportunity to hit him mercilessly. For better damage use the directional lock, with 5 of them you will wobble, stay centered in your arms until it weakens completely and destroy it, if your arms no longer generate weapons then break one of your legs, once you manage to kill it You will go on the Nano Brain mission.

 This is all thanks for always being with us, we hope that our Surge 2 guide has been very helpful, you know how to beat the Delver, do not forget how to attack it in each of its phases, if you forget something comes back from new with us.

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