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Surge 2: How to Beat the Delver Echo Alpha - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 13:24:11

We will have the best tips and tricks on how to beat Delver Echo Alpha in Surge 2.

How to beat Delver Echo Alpha in Surge 2?

To beat this mini boss, you have to accumulate poison and attack your legs so that you have vulnerable areas, this fight is the repetition of phase two of The Delver, for this reason we must keep in mind that this time it is more difficult to be able to defend itself, although it repeats the same attacks as the bombardment of nanites is much faster and has more resistance.

Delver Echo Alpha also has an additional shockwave attack, to dodge you just need to move to the sides and it will be enough, you have to attack it while being in the nanite phase, applying the same strategy of the previous fight will be an option.

To defend yourself, some heavy armor and blocking can prevent you from receiving great damage, but the attacks that this one carries out of loading is better to avoid them, for that reason we must be attentive to the three blows, after a load or from the landing if we push the attack It will wobble, if it could with the battle of phase two, this will be simple.

By defeating this enemy we can increase the attack speed, since the prize for achieving this is the energy speed intensifying implant.

We conclude the guide, it is expected to be very useful to beat the Delver Echo Alpha in Surge 2.

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