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Surge 2: How to beat major general Ezra shields - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 12:12:18

Surely you are one of the players who have wondered how to beat major general Ezra shields in Surge 2, in this guide we will tell you how to do it follow our tips and tricks.

 If you want to know how to beat major general Ezra shields it is important that you keep in mind that you have to face two phases during the battle in Surge 2, but don't be alarmed for that we are here to tell you how to make the game easier for you.

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    How to beat major general Ezra shields in Surge 2

    The first phase is the metal armor that Ezra uses in Surge 2, as you can see the mech has two of its lethal weapons: the rapid fire machine gun and on the other arm a flamethrower. When you see that the flamethrower will be using this alert so that you avoid the puddles of fire, if you allow yourself to reach you will receive a lot of damage, you must be very careful when you see that your machine gun is going to be used, you will have to cover yourself since there will be many bullets that run to your direction if you are far away, in some moments both must rest a few seconds to replenish their forces.

    Some of the best tricks you can do in this fight are the following: do your best to break the armor of Ezra's legs, when you see the moment when he is going to attack you, use his drone to break his arms , most of this character's attacks are hitting and trampling, so be alert. When one of the weapons is defective or has been repaired you will know since it will be announced by a robotic voice, you can use the boxes available on the site of the fight to protect you a few seconds, but they will break in a certain way.

    Surely you want to know a lot more about how to defeat major general Ezra shields, well, you should keep in mind that when the purple health bar decreases, major general Ezra shields will expel his mech and get ready because it is the moment he is going To attack in person, the two weapons that he has available in his arms are going to shoot you with a hand, something that you should know is that in this phase the weapons last a long time to be disabled, so avoid making efforts before them. Fortunately, the attacks of this boss in action are easy to avoid, that will be your biggest advantage, you just have to be alert to any movement you make.

    Since you only need two stops to be able to destroy Ezra in this last phase, you have to do everything to stop his jump attack, dodge all his attacks and attack all the possible attacks, in conclusion the fight becomes repetitive of according to your movements and attacks, avoid Ezra's main attack combo, block his jump and run away from the mach, if you do this in a row the victory is all yours, you will have defeated Ezramajor general Ezra shields.

     As always, thanks for always being with us, we hope that our Surge 2 guide has been useful to clarify your doubts about how to beat major general Ezra shields, as you can see it is not so difficult to do so as long as you apply our advice.

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