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Surge 2: How to Beat Little Johnny - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 15:30:41

This guide has everything you need to know about how to beat little Johnny in Surge 2

To beat little Johnny we must overheat his mech, he has 5 refrigerant tanks, one on each leg and two in the cabin, which we must break to defeat him in Suerge 2, for this we will have the details below.

How to beat little Johnny in Surge 2?

Attacking the legs first may be the best option, taking into account their ground attacks, this can focus on performing only this type of attack, if so we will have the advantage of being under it to attack it, then it is good to let it attack to observe their movements and be able to evade them, then a career attack can be made, if we can block them three times, the guard will be lowered and we can cause great damage, the cabin can be the easiest area to aim if we decide to start there.

As damage is caused this comes at a time when you perform an attack of expansive shock mines, this does not cause damage as such but if electrical damage accumulates, which creates a state in which you can not evade or attack , we have the option of using the drone to destroy the refrigerant tanks, we will have to avoid the mines and bring it to an area where there are no mines to avoid being stunned.

Its legs will be vulnerable every time it moves, if we aim at the legs we should keep a distance since it will hit if we are close, by destroying the tanks they begin to vote poison, it will be very easy to avoid, but we must not ignore the puddle that leaves the poison that it expels, this happens at the moment of destroying the first 3 tanks, to get rid we just have to wait for the puddle to disappear.

To defeat little Johnny, we just have to avoid the mines, quickly counterattack him and take care of the poison, so we can defeat him by obtaining the tweezers as a reward in Surge 2.

The term explanation is expected to be very useful all these details so you can beat little Johnny in Surge 2 without problems.

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