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Surge 2: How to Beat Captain Cervantes - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 11:47:22

In this guide we will give you some useful tips so you know how to beat Captain Cervantes in surge 2.

Actually Captain Cervantes is one of the bosses that we find in the game Surge 2, and he usually likes to sneak away.

How can we beat Captain Cervantes in Surge 2?

Captain Cervantes is quite stealthy and elusive, so we must polish ourselves as to the attacks that we are going to make against him, usually this enemy tends to generate shots, but if we stay alert we can prevent ourselves, since we will have the opportunity to listen to the Sound when loading the weapon, there we can use the Heavy-Duty, it is an excellent weapon that serves to block your attacks. Our enemy has his weaknesses too, because we can dismember his arm where he contains the sword, even achieving this goal, we will receive his weapon as a reward.

Important is that you avoid attacking the chest at all costs, feet, if you shoot at it, the only thing you will achieve is that your enemy becomes really stronger.

One way to track our elusive enemy is to use the drone, when it is hidden, execute a couple of shots, since weapons are the fundamental piece to give rise to the fight, but if that is not enough, there is another element well important and is the Manslayer implant because it can cause a lot of damage.

In the course of the fight our enemy will hide for some occasions, so the damage will only depend on the use you make with your weapons and agility.

Without a doubt, the most important objective in this fight is to maintain dominance during the first minutes, we must generate as much pressure as possible, for this it is important to attack it with blocks or if you prefer to move and wait for an opening of combos. Once we have defeated this enemy we go to the biggest problem Gideon’s Rock: The Delver, in the game.

We hope our guide has been useful and know how to beat Captain Cervantes in Surge 2.

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