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Surge 2: How to Beat Brother Eli - tips and tricks

2019-09-24 14:08:53

In Surge 2 there are characters with very powerful attacks and a fearsome arsenal, we have created this guide in order to tell you how to defeat Brother Eli, follow our advice to help you.

 In Surge 2 the character of Eli will surely start his battle using his reinforcements, but the space where you can defend yourself against his ruthless attacks is quite wide , remember that we already face him once, his attacks and reinforcements are the same, do not forget that His fight level drops when you manage to destroy any of his limbs, then we will tell you all about how to beat Brother Eli.

How to beat Brother Eli in Surge 2

 The best advantage you will have when facing Eli in Surge 2, is to dismember it because if you do, the fighting level of this character tumbles down. However it gets much more angry, it has two mooks, so you must be very alert and not let the two approach you, you have a great advantage if you use your drone you can destroy the two mooks easily,

Now is the time for you to pay full attention to Brother Eli, in this fight his attacks have the same pattern as in the first fight, he only needs three moments of rest so that you can defeat him, when you start the battle you will have two options before to attack it, one of them is to wait for him to launch his swinging combo and dodge them, the second one tries to block three of his attacks, don't forget to be in good health to resist the attacks.

In the fight with Brother Eli, you must be very careful because one of his combos will execute an AOE (Area of Effect) nano attack, with this attack he will throw a nano beam if you are quite far away, you should know that Eli has its basic attacks full of nano, we recommend you have the nano injector or nano resistance equipment. In this battle Eli is also weak to electricity so you can use your EMP drone and one of your electric weapons, use them against him and he will do him good damage.

Do not despair of doing everything quickly, do things calmly you just have to attack him with combos and blows of AOE, avoiding his powerful attacks will cause Eli to suffer damage, continue attacking him you have all the space in your favor, the moment comes when the Brother Eli falls dead to the ground and you will gain victory, it is only a battle to dodge, resistance and attack.

This is all for the moment, we hope that our guide has been helpful, now you know how to beat Brother Eli in Surge 2, you just have to follow our tips and tricks, otherwise it would be a rather difficult fight to be victorious.

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