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Surge 2: How to Beat Archangel Eli (the Final Boss)

2019-09-24 13:45:06

Surely you have wondered on many occasions like many of the players, how to beat Archangel Eli, Surge 2, in this guide we will tell you how to do it below.

 In Surge 2, you must be prepared with the best powerful and light weapons, if you want to attack this boss, you have to keep in mind that he is very powerful, his attacks are very followed and will leave you a very narrow space so that you can attack him, That is why you must know how to defeat Archangel Eli.

How to beat Archangel Eli in Surge 2

We recommend you upgrade your weapon to at least MK10 in Surge 2, so that it is easier for you to confront this boss, other weaknesses of his are poison and fire, never use nano since it would not help you at all. You must always attack him a couple of times at a time, when he shoots his weapon at him you must move immediately, take care of an attack that makes a follow-up charge, if it reaches you it could be fatal for you.

You have to be very careful with his arms´ attacks because they are very powerful, so we recommend that you break them at the right times, only then will you have the option of how to defeat the Archangel Eli, you should be aware at the moment Eli places his weapon vertically, it is the warning that he will attack you soon by throwing you rocks of nanite, at the moment he attacks you with his arms you must dodge them, when he stops his attacks he will rest for a few seconds, it is the precise moment of attack him.

You must continue to protect yourself from his attacks, while attacking him using all your weapons of poison and fire, when you are done with him, you will get a weapon as a reward, and as your progress in the game has been, you will also receive one of the 2 sets of armor.
Thank you for choosing us, we hope this guide has been most helpful in Surge 2, now you know how to defeat Archangel Eli, do not forget to be very careful in his arms, and have at your disposal the weapons we recommend.

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