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Surge 2 cheat: How to get infinite weapons

2019-09-26 13:53:16

This time our guide brings all the details on how to get infinite weapons in Surge 2.

In Surge 2 we will have the option of a trick that will update the weapons making them infinite, for this we will have the following details that will explain how to get infinite weapons.

How to get infinite weapons in Surge 2?

To get the infinite weapons, you have to have the 1.03 update on our PS4, this works for a possible error that can be patched later, being in AID in the Jericho City command, we find a scientist and a guard in a Fourth, we both eliminate them, there is a man that we must release in the next room on the right, The Stranger will be the subject of what he will speak.

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    We will have to carry out a secondary mission for Warren, in which we must look for incriminating files, we must reach a room with a healing station, to do so we climb the magnetic elevator and go to the left. Once we are in the room there will be 3 enemies, of which we eliminate the armored enemy, since with this we will have an access card, in this same room there is another elevator that we must take, we will reach the Overlook area when climbing some stairs, now we eliminate the enemies that are on the left and in the rest of the route, when we reach a room we must use the computer with the access card to fulfill the secondary mission that is to obtain the incriminating files, we will touch after this return Where we talk to Warren, here we will talk to him until we get the Tungsten Mk alloy. This is the component update, with this the weapons will be endless

    The detail is that this fault can not be taken if we leave the Warren area will also do so, so the effect would be lost.

    To close the guide, it only remains to say that the usefulness of this is to know how to get infinite weapons in Surge 2, it is expected to meet the objective.

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