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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Earn Coins

2019-07-03 21:35:49

 It's been almost a week since Super Mario Maker 2 debuted on the Nintendo Switch consoles and as expected, wine loaded with many lovely things. In Super Mario Maker 2 you can create and share your own levels with other players and friends, the developers have added a charming story mode in which as Mario you will have to rebuild the castle where Peach lives.

Knowing this, to rebuild the castle where Princess Peach lives, you'll have to earn coins, lots of coins. But do not worry, we have prepared a guide in which we will tell you how to earn coins easily to rebuild the castle for Peach and other things.

Super Mario Maker 2 - Easy & Fast Coin Farming Method

How to earn coins in Super Mario Maker 2.

If we take into account that you will have a lot of options to work and thus earn coins we could say that it is so complicated for us then. However, there are some jobs that are more profitable than others. One of the levels where you can find a very good return is Koopa Troopa Car, Go, number 55 in the game.

Access this level and use your enemies to jump higher and get a larger amount in coins, go back when you get the enemy Koopa to avoid being hit by the blocks and get a very good reward, you can also hit the top of the pole to get more coins.

You can repeat the cycle as many times as you want to get the coins you want, just keep in mind that you will have to spend it quickly to be able to delete some jobs and finish the project. Just keep in mind that you can approach them as you want.

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