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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Complete the Buried Stones level

2019-07-03 01:43:14

If there is a game in which your worlds are entertaining are the games of mario, the game that we will talk about is super mario maker 2, we want to guide the players of this excellent exclusive game so that they can complete the level of buried stones, even though this level represents a challenge of a single star, it may confuse you and that is why we are here to give you an orientation, without more than saying enter the explanation so that you can complete the level of buried stones offered by super mario maker 2.

What to do to complete the level of stones buried in super mario maker 2

We will explain what to do in super mario maker 2 to complete the challenge, first we must look for a yoshi and give a special block to yoshi to eat it, then go through the door to start the level, as soon as you reach the other side of the door you will notice a row of yellow blocks that will be on top of you, if you turn to the right of the yellow blocks you should be able to see a blue stone, this stone is what you will have to feed the yoshi once we have the yoshi .

You have to continue on the right where you come across a green pipe and you will notice that you drop yoshi eggs. Go to the egg and yoshi will appear, you climb on it and go back to the left where you saw the stone painted blue. Now yoshi is going to eat it and finally you get close to completing the level of buried stones.

You have to keep the block in yoshi's mouth at all times. Then for when you meet with the three notes of music that works just like a trampoline. You will see three bones floating in the air throwing bones at you, the simplest option is to vote the block in the music notes so you can eat with yoshi your enemies.

After having defeated the enemies you climb to the musical notes, you climb the stone, the stone must be able to bounce up and down. When you reach your maximum height level you have to jump to reach the yellow ledge above you, then jump to the right, completing the level of super mario maker 2.

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