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Angel Marquez
2020-09-23 19:16:01

More about: Super Mario 64

Today we bring you a Super Mario 64 guide where we will explain how to catch the rabbit.

What to know about the rabbit in Super Mario 64?

  It is about a rabbit that has one of the stars in its possession and that is called Mips, it has its complexity when it comes to trying to catch it, but this occurs after having taken 10 of the power stars in the four levels that They are on the first of the floors of Peach's castle, here it is necessary to face Bowser and many more things, which will lead us in the search to know how to catch the rabbit and in the following text are the details to consider, let's move on to the content .
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How to catch the rabbit in Super Mario 64?

 It is necessary that we already have 15 of the stars accumulated, which will take us to the location of the rabbit in the vicinity of the burning painting that is at the entrance to Lethal Lava Land, surely this will seek to get away from us so we must be very fast to catch it and get the star, we must take into account the fact that the rabbit will go to certain specific places, in which there are two that have no exit, one of these is near the wall metal that is hidden in Shifting Sand Land, while the other is in the corridor near a nested toad that is under some burning torches, both possibilities will lead us to catch it.

 The moment we have him well cornered we will be presented with a couple of possibilities, one is to walk very slowly in the direction of the rabbit by gently pressing the lever towards its location, taking into account that Mips can come running towards Mario, that with an attack we can have it with ease, the second possibility that we will have has a greater risk, which is to chase it and launch ourselves on it but with great precision or it can escape, having already trapped it we will get the power star for our collection, when we reach 50 stars this rabbit will appear again and with the same strategy we can catch it again.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to catch the rabbit has been useful to have fun in Super Mario 64.

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