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Subverse brings a lot of interesting content for us, and today we focus on telling you how to unlock sex scenes.

What is the purpose of unlocking the sex scenes in Subverse?

In the first instance, it should be noted that this content is specifically for adults, and it is nothing to write home about, it simply tends to show us some acts that are not necessarily alien to reality, this can be done as we progress in this game, as these types of scenes tend to give a particular touch to the continuation of the game.
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    How to unlock the sex scenes in Subverse?

    Just being a captain allows us to have the possibility of accessing adult content, we can use our crewmate, here we are allowed to access sexual content, but it does not indicate any particular explanation other than just watching, in this sense , It is necessary to enter some missions and work hard, and after some time return to Pandora where we are finally allowed to enter the sex scenes for the crew, in this sense it is necessary:


    •  Get to a part in the game where we are allowed to freely access the Mary Celeste area.
    • Enter the captain's cabin and proceed to click on the bed in our cabin so that he can ask us if we want to go to the center of Pandora.
    • After this we are allowed to go through the characters using the options at the bottom of our screen.
    • It is possible to choose the scenes that we consider necessary to unlock using any PP that we have


    This is all you need to know about how to unlock sex scenes, it is not a huge task, but it does represent some kind of attention in Subverse in a way.

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