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We continue talking a bit about Subnautica and this allows us to tell you how to get stalker teeth.

What are stalker teeth in Subnautica?

  This game has been going on for a long time and this allows us to choose to look for methods that allow us to survive, for which it is necessary to know how to get stalker teeth, and it is that these are simply a type of resources that are usually available in this game, and normally it is highly useful and locating them is a vital task that we cannot be in the depths of this mysterious planet.

How to get stalker teeth in Subnautica?

  We usually get this object from a creature that does not represent greater danger called "Stalker", however, when we start the game they usually represent a type of threat, and it is possible to place them in Safe Shallows, for which it is necessary to apply some varied methods to apply whether passive or aggressive, because the important thing is to achieve the objective.
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    • Going stealthily is perhaps the best way to get these teeth in Subnautica.
    • There is the possibility of luring the stalkers with some particular objects such as metal salvage from shipwrecks and mobile vehicle bays or titanium.
    • The stalkers are usually found in safe pits which allows us to drop at least 3 pieces of metal near the hiding place of these creatures.
    • Bullies usually swim to where the scrap has fallen in order to pick up the pieces and it is precisely there where they will drop a tooth that we can perfectly well take.
    • To know how to get stalker teeth it is vital to leave some considerable amount of junk near these creatures in order to get them to leave your teeth.
    • It is necessary to have some resources such as a prawn suit, a Seamth submarine, drones with a camera, this in order to avoid being attacked by stalkers because when we approach them they can become aggressive.

    Ending stalkers can be an action that allows us to get stalker teeth, however, it is not highly recommended, as it is necessary to:

    • Use the jet cannon in order to shoot the stalker and thus get teeth.
    • Bumping into the stalker wearing the shrimp suit or the Seamoth can cause it to make us finish off this beast and in this way collect a tooth.

    Now, the teeth only spawn in one area at a time and the most ideal thing is to wait for night to fall, in addition these teeth that we manage to collect are usually vital to obtain energy from the bioreactor or enameled glass.

    In this sense, knowing how to get stalker teeth allows us to carry out some favorable activities, others not so much, but with a particular objective to achieve in Subnautica and these are useful objects.

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