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Stranded Sails: Where to Find Spices

2019-10-22 15:23:47

We have elaborated for you a guide of Stranded Sails where we will explain you Where to Find Spices and what each one of them is for.

The first thing we need to know is that spices are small ingredients that are essential when cooking, and in Stranded Sails play a fundamental role, because they offer us some additional benefits, generally when we cook here we occupy some specific spaces where we include corn, rice, carrots, but we are free a space where we can include the spices we want for our character, since incorporating these elements gives us the ability to improve skills, so let's see Where to Find Spices.  

 Where to Find Spices in Stranded Sails?

  •    Black pepper: this spice is located in the chests on the main island, then we can go to the islands in the south or northeast and find it, is an ingredient that serves to slow the drainage speed in our attacks, so it is essential to unlock the climbing rope kit, black pepper is a spice that reduces energy consumption when we attack our enemies, as each movement decreases energy in Stranded Sails.

  •  Sugar cane: this spice is located from the chests in the main island, it is possible to get it in the islands of west and northeast, to get it is necessary to unblock a ladder, consume this ingredient avoids spending a lot of energy when we use the bucket and shovel.

  •     Ginger root: to know Where to Find Spices is fundamental, therefore to obtain this root we will have to go to the islands of the west and of the northeast, there we can obtain it, once we have located it from the coffers in the main island, before finding us it is required to unblock the kit of climbing rope, to consume this root reduces the consumption of energy that we use when walking.  

  •   Chile flakes: this is a spice that can be placed in the chests of the main island, we can also go to the islands of the south and northeast to get it, but first we must unblock the climbing rope kit, consume this spice offers us the possibility of increasing the damage of our attacks in Stranded Sails.  

  •   Pepper powder of Jamaica: this ingredient is located from the coffers of the main island, we can get it in the islands of the south and northeast, before getting this spice is required to unblock a ladder, consume this spice is great because it allows that when we go fishing use almost no energy.  

  •   Fresh thyme: this spice can be located from the chests of the main island, can be obtained in the islands of southwest and northeast, consuming this ingredient considerably reduces the possibility of spending energy when we row in the boat of Strainded Sils.

In general terms knowing Where to Find Spices is important, pesto that are necessary to avoid energy wear on Stranded Sails.  

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