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Stranded Sails: How to find Sword Pieces - tips and tricks

2019-10-18 13:35:16

In the following Stranded Sails guide we will let you know How to find Sword Pieces.

Knowing How to find Sword Pieces is necessary to complete a mission called Old Bonds in Stranded Sails, this is a main mission that allows us to get the 3 pieces that make up the sword, these pieces are kept hidden in the treasure map, so let's see how to find them.

How to find Sword Pieces in Stranded Sails?

  As we said earlier there are 3 pieces that we must find, then we will detail the location where we can get them.

  Ancient handle: first piece of sword.

  In the treasure map of Brenda you can get this piece of sword, for this we will have to go to an island that has a large mountainous space, this space is located south of the island, we just need to reach a cave that is on the side West of the mountain, then when we leave this place we see that this piece is with wooden boards on the left side of the road

  Shattered blade: second piece of sword.

  We are still on the treasure map, to get to the exact location we need a boat, because we must navigate to get to the island, there we will see that there is a fairly small sand patch and it is surrounded by water, this is the place where This second piece is found.

  Worn grip: third piece of sword.

  This is the last piece that we must find, with the help of the treasure map, we will have to go to the rocky spaces of the island, if you notice well you will see that these areas have a bean shape, and it is to the south, when we are in This place we just need to walk very close to the rocks, because this is where our desired piece is.

In general terms, we only need to locate ourselves on the treasure map to know How to find Sword Pieces at Stranded Sails.

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