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Stranded Sails: How to Conserve Energy

2019-10-22 13:57:40

Here's a Stranded Sails guide where we'll explain everything about How to Conserve Energy.

Naturally every task that we do in Stranded Sails requires to use energy, pus a thing as simple as walking consumes energy, so the other activities such as agriculture, or fishing consume even more, therefore we will detail How to Conserve Energy below, since the idea is to keep it and do everything possible to spend the least amount.  

 How can we conserve energy in Stranded Sails?

 The first thing we need to know is what elements we can use to increase energy, since each activity we do consumes some amount, so we leave this list that indicates How to Conserve Energy  

  •  v Movement: in order to conserve the energy consumed during a simple exercise such as walking, it is necessary to eat food cooked with Ginger Root, even if we do not move quickly from point A to point B, energy is still consumed.

  • v Agriculture: using the bucket instead of the shovel is beneficial, since it consumes little energy, because farming in Stranded Sails wastes energy, so to conserve energy you can use Allspice Powder in our food.

  •    Combat: normally when we are hit by an opponent our energy is going to be spent, a good way to save it is to consume Chili Flakes, or Black Pepper, these are two essential spices for saving energy in a combat, since this is an exercise where the wear can be considerable, but that is not all we still lack other activities that we must perform and we must know How to Conserve Energy.  

  •  v Rowing: rowing is an activity that usually consumes a lot of energy if it is not done well, so it is necessary to row a little away from the land, since if we do it close reduces the speed of our boat and forces us to exercise more, as we go out in this mode of transport to make explorations on the islands, to conserve energy doing this task is favorable to consume fresh thyme.  

  •  v Fishing: when we go fishing it is important to roll a quantity of small fish in strong pulls, since if we pull and roll all at the same time we will spend more energy, to recover it in this activity the ideal thing is to consume sugar cane.

Finally, we hope that with these tips you know How to Conserve Energy to the maximum, taking advantage of the activities in Stranded Sails.

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