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We invite you to discover how to increase the level of crisis, a new task in Stellaris.

What to know about the level of crisis in Stellaris?

When we reach this level we will become a complete threat to the empires, achieving for that passive reason, power-ups and extra resources while increasing this level, it is an exclusive mechanic that we will have, so it is necessary to know how to increase the crisis level and for this we have to rely on the details presented in this guide below.

How to increase the crisis level in Stellaris?

In order to resolve how to increase the level of crisis it is important to highlight that first we have to become the crisis, this is possible having made the choice of ascension on our traditions page and that we have confirmed it, it is important to seek to do this by has enough military power in Stellaris, after that it only remains to consider the requirements to become the crisis and these are the following:

  • 2 Unlocked Ascension Perks required.
  • It has to be false: the xenophile ethic, the fanatic xenophile ethic, the pacifist, the fanatic pacifist and the rogue civic servant.
  • Have an ascension expertise slot available.

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    When we have the ascension perk it is possible that our crisis level increases, achieving for each level that we have a variety of perks and passive, which makes us a worse threat, it is important to highlight the threat objectives that we must complete if we want to increase the crisis level and these are the following:

    • Destroy worlds, empires, enemy ships, star bases
    • Conquer worlds
    • Disruptive operations
    • Purge or assimilation of populations
    • Retention of vassals
    • Vassal empires
    • Breaking the community law of the galaxy.
    This means in a few words that we will be at war with all the empires practically when the crisis is, it is important in this case that the military route is our choice before we become the crisis.

    It is appropriate to consider all levels of crisis and these are the following:

    • First level: there are the objectives of the threat, with the purge the unlocking of the political option is possible and our purge speed reaches the 500 percent increase, we gain intimidation and in 25 the acceptance of subjugation will be increased.
    • Second level: we will have access to the menacing corvette, our damage against star bases is seen 30 percent increased and 75 percent decreased our war depletion gains.
    • Third level: the threatening destroyer will be unlocked, by 50 percent we will have increased the speed of construction of the ship, by 20 percent the damage from orbital bombardment will increase and evasion is increased by 15 percent of our threatening coverage, while by 50 percent. The probability of disengagement is one hundred.
    • Fourth level: access to the threatening cruiser will be unlocked, the damage caused by the ship's weapons increases by 50 percent and the tracking of threatening destroyers will increase by 30 percent.
    • Fifth level: access to the mega structure has to be unlocked, also the same in the case of the star-devouring ship, the points of our threatening crusader are increased by 30 percent and the maintenance of the ship decreases by 30 percent.

    It is clear that knowing how to increase the level of crisis allows us to have better performance and fun in Stellaris.

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