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Steam Now Lets You Stream Games

2019-03-14 19:43:56

You can now transfer Steam games no matter where you are.

Recently the video game developer Valve Corporation announced new service features for Steam ahead of GDC.

Steam Link Anywhere increases the functionality of Steam Link and the APIs allow developers to offer much more secure connections.

According to the announcement of Valve, Steam Link Anywhere is still in beta and in turn that anyone with beta firmware can access it, they can also access with the Android application Steam Link beta or Raspberry Pi Steam Link application.

You can also use the beta version of the Steam client dated March 13 or later and later you can connect to any computer by selecting "Other computer" in the search, to connect and play from anywhere without being connected to the network, it will only be for users with a high PC loading speed and a strong connection to your Steam Link device.

As already mentioned, the sockets APIs allow developers to provide users with a more secure connection to users, this is achieved using the same technology that Valve used in CS: GO and Dota 2.

But the features will be detailed in the update talk of the Valve Steam platform in GDC that will be held next Thursday, March 21 at 12:45 PM PT.

On the other hand, Valve has decommissioned the Steam Link hardware to allow the existing stock to run out, but said he wanted to continue providing support and software versions to the hardware.

Without a doubt, this tool was something that many of us have been waiting for for some time, being able to transfer games without needing to be connected is something that more than one will applaud.