2021-06-08 08:49:57

Today we bring you a Steam guide, in which we will talk about how to participate in beta versions.

What to know about Steam?

In order to access an open beta or because we have a game access code, it is important that we know what is necessary to participate, we just have to take into account some steps to do so, which we will see in detail in the following content , something to help us stay up to date with some of this client's games, let's see.

How to participate in beta versions at Steam?

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    What we will do is locate the game for the beta in our library, which we will do by clicking on the manage gear, reaching properties and going to the betas tab, here if this is public we will give it in the drop-down bar and enter this, but if it requires a key we have to enter it and then we access the unlocked beta, which will be installed automatically, with early access we can enjoy the characteristics of a game, but being a beta it is possible that its operation is not the same and there may be some bugs, but that can be improved while the developers get to be aware of these, for now it is possible to have fun in this way until the arrival of said game completely.

    So we finalize our guide on how to participate in beta versions hoping that you can get the best out of Steam.

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