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Stardew Valley: Where to Find Prismatic Jelly

2021-01-10 19:45:36

Today we bring you a Stardew Valley guide in which we will explain where to find prismatic Jelly.

What to know about prismatic gelatin in Stardew Jelly?

Through update 1.5 we have to find a specific object that turns out to be strange, everything seems to indicate that its usefulness is focused on only completing the magician's search, but it is ideal to find it to obtain 5000 g and our option between a mini - obelisk or monster musk recipes, it is an ideal object to get some quick money, so to understand where to find prismatic jelly let's follow the following content carefully.

Where to find prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley?

Through the enemy of the Prismatic Slime babies is that the prismatic jelly can be obtained in the game, finding this enemy is not easy, which have similarities with normal slimes only that while they are moving they present a color change of shape slow, being then this key aspect to detect them, it is certainly possible to know what we are facing but not the precise place of their location.

In the normal local mines is where we can find them, on floors 90 to 115, in any of these levels are our chances of finding these bugs, it is important that before 7 days we complete this task, due to the limit that the Magician, then our purpose is to achieve the levels of the mine as soon as possible, with friends we can explore the mines and support each other to kill these enemies, moving away from the resolution and the screen becomes our best method of cultivation, a fact that helps us to visualize the entire floor of the level, taking into account that when looking for a slime and continue with the next level in case of not having prismatic jelly, working with the time limit that the Magician gave us.

In this way we finish our Stardew Valley guide, now you know where to find prismatic Jelly, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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