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Today we bring you a Stardew Valley guide, in which we will explain where to find all the golden walnuts.

What to know about Stardew Valley?

An update for the game has recently been released, which is the 1.5 that arrived on April 28, available to everyone except mobile phones, here multiple options are included regarding the Gingerbread Island, there is the possibility now that It may be required to know where to find all the golden nuts, with which we can unlock the secrets of this Ginger Island, so to help us we must follow the following details.

What are browned walnuts in Stardew Valley?

These are the coins of the parrots on the new island that has been introduced with the recent update, which is the Ginger Island, 100 golden nuts are required to unlock the Qi room, it is ideal to highlight the exchange option of them for Qi Gems, with which we can access special rewards, among which are recipes, golden eggs, magic baits and galactic souls, for all 116 golden nuts are required, even about 100 are needed for previous rewards, now to understand where to find all the golden nuts you have to continue with the guide text, let's do it.

Where to find all the golden walnuts in Stardew Valley?

We have to start as to where to find all the golden nuts by Leo's cabin, which is located in the eastern area of ​​Ginger Island, when we get to the island we will see that Leo will be escaping, we must follow him until in a tree we are going to notice the first golden walnut in Stardew Valley, it is necessary that we deliver it to the parrot that is to the north inside Leo's cabin, thus accessing other clues, they are about where to find all the golden walnuts for specific 123 to 130 walnuts that are all over the island, these being the following:

  • There is a walnut in the bush in the eastern region, which is related to the puzzle of the gem bird sanctuary.
  • Make the exchange of a banana for 3 golden nuts outside Leo's cabin where there is an altar.
  • It is necessary to be the winner in a game of darts found in the pirate's cove by obtaining 3 golden nuts.
  • All over the eastern section there are browned walnuts.
  • Inside Leo's cabin there is a tree that produces a golden nut.
  • Make the change with a gorilla for 3 golden nuts we will give a banana, this on the altar that is near the stairs that leads to Leo's cabin.
  • In the direction of the gem bird sanctuary there is a golden walnut further south in the bushes on the edge.

We must take into account where to find all the golden nuts in Stardew Valley that the gem birds puzzle allows us to find a hidden path further east to find 5 golden nuts, we will also see that when it is raining there is a bird that will appear randomly around the island by dropping a gem, it is necessary to take it to take it to the corresponding altar depending on where we find it on the island, if it was north, south, east or west.
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    On western Ginger Island

    It is possible that looking for where to find all the golden nuts we have to complete a series of puzzles in this area of ​​Stardew Valley to find them and these are the following:

    • It is necessary to complete the mission of the pirate's wife, with which we obtain 5 golden nuts.
    • You have to harvest a melon, wheat and garlic for the greedy frog, with which we managed to obtain 15 golden walnuts.
    • Through a puzzle that is in the cave north of Tiger Slime Grove we are going to get 3 golden nuts.
    • On the beach hitting a whack-a-mole animal allows us to obtain a golden nut.

    In turn, we must take into account in Stardew Valley that we can in this western region of the island of Ginger have a series of actions in a random way that allow us to help us on where to find all the golden nuts and these are the following:

    • On the map by defeating the slimes you can allow the golden nuts to appear.
    • Harvest crops by winning 5 golden nuts.
    • Mining the mussel rocks south of the island farm to access 5 golden walnuts.
    • Fishing can give us a maximum of 5 golden nuts anywhere on the island.
    • By means of the X in the area or the starfish diamonds we can work the land to get walnuts as rewards.
    • When exploring around this island it is possible to get nuts also on the boat and 8 in the trees of the island.

    In the north of Ginger Island

    The rock circles and those of flowers in Stardew Valley we have to consider them on where to find all the golden nuts, achieving through them access to 8 golden nuts digging in mentioned patterns in the center, when we are at the entrance of the volcano dungeon there are We have to use the watering can to open a path in the lava to the left, managing to find a couple of golden nuts in the bushes, to the north of the same entrance we will see one hidden in a tall tree, which we can knock down with the use of a slingshot. , in sight also in the area we can find another 5 walnuts.

    In the dungeon of the volcano

    It is one of the most important places in terms of where to find all the golden nuts in Stardew Valley, as long as the other locations are squeezed, here a total of 19 golden nuts are presented, managing to access them by defeating enemies, destroying objects , mining rocks, looting chests, on the 10th floor by means of a couple of walnut trees.

    In the south of Ginger Island

    When the rain is present in this area in Stardew Valley we will see a mermaid appear on a rock in the water, then when we play the song with flute blocks we have the opportunity to add 5 golden nuts, for this we put a flute block on some stones To the right of the one who has the musical note, you have to have the stones that indicate the times to press the block to tune, the small stone will indicate 1 step and the large one 5 steps, after having it tuned you have to go through them from right to Left, achieving the correct interpretation we will win the golden nuts, during the same rainy situation we have that after it is 8 o'clock in the afternoon we can play with the dice to access another 3 golden nuts, this after the construction of a spa, You have to go to the tidal pile that is shaped like a starfish and sin here to get a nut, in the bushes there are 3 nuts while we dig in the patterns, in the surroundings of this area as for do nde find all the golden nuts there are 5 more golden nuts, opening up to a coconut we find one inside.

    In this way we finalize our Stardew Valley guide, now that you know where to find all the golden nuts, just do it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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