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We invite you to discover How To Befriend Marnie, a new task at Stardew Valley.

What to know about Marnie in Stardew Valley?

He is a very interesting character for the love he shows towards animals, he turns out to be someone very kind and gentle who can be despite some frustrating situations, now if we seek to understand How To Befriend Marnie, we must consider the details that this will provide us guide then let's see.

How To Befriend Marnie in Stardew Valley?

At the beginning if we manage a good relationship with Marnie we can receive free recipes and hay, if we seek to see How To Befriend Marnie in Stardew Valley we can earn her trust with a series of actions, among which we have the following:


This turns out to be key, where she appreciates some more than others, considering that the terrible ones annoy her, we then have to consider giving her a gift on her 18th birthday, because this will help with friendship points multiplied by 8.

  • Dear gifts: looking for How To Befriend Marnie we have that with the appropriate gifts we can add about 80 friendship points, these objects being universal loves, such as prismatic fragments, pearl, magina rock candy, golden pumpkin and rabbit's foot, there are the diamonds, cooked meals like pink cake, pumpkin pie and farmer's lunch at Stardew Valley.

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    • Friendship gifts: with this type of gift we can accumulate about 45 friendship points, among which are eggs, milk, quartz, flowers, fruit of fruit trees such as apple, apricot, orange, peach, pomegranate and cherry, artisan products taking out the oil and empty mayonnaise, precious stones not mentioned before.
    • Hated Gifts: In Stardew Valley there are gifts that will make our friendship fall, so what are hated by Marnie are Salmonberry, seaweed, wild radish, holly, craft materials such as clay, charcoal and minerals, raw fish, artisan items such as lo They are the fences, pumps, sprinklers, soils, baits, fertilizers and more, the geodes and geode minerals.


    • The cow's delight: we will receive a letter in the mail on fall 3, which asks us to get it a bunch of amaranths, it is the sweet treat that cows like, if we take it we will win it with 500g We will see a heart added to our friendship, adding with the intention of How To Befriend Marnie.
    • Request: once we have reached the 3 hearts we will have a request from Marnie, which asks us to bring her a carrot from the cave, this helps her to train the goats, thus achieving 100 friendship points and an interesting scene will present itself.

    The advantages of this friendship

    Certainly the recipes are the highlight, which we will receive when we reach certain levels of friendship, among which are the pale broth, which turns out to be a profitable dish to cook without being special in advantages, it is a common source of energy, the rhubarb cake, with the sending of 7 hearts we have it and one of the gifts of great pleasure for the villagers, in addition to this we have that Marnie can send us 30 hay by mail, which will be very useful in the winter of year 1, taking into account the feeding problems for the animals.

    Now that you know How To Befriend Marnie, just do it and continue to enjoy the extensive options presented at Stardew Valley.

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