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We continue working on Stardew Valley and this allows us to tell you how to upgrade your home.

What is the point of upgrade the house in Stardew Valley?

  This is a necessary task in case we are interested in increasing the size, in addition this is part of the renovations and constructions of buildings that are usually available to us, we have some interesting characteristics that allow us to have the possibility of making the home a more spacious and welcoming place.

How to upgrade your house in Stardew Valley?

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  • You must take care of talking to Robin who is the town's carpenter.
  • The carpentry hours are usually from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon every day, except for Tuesday and Friday afternoon.
  • Each upgrade that you are going to execute has a period of 3 days to complete.


 The improvements that you can apply are the following:


 Stage 1: this upgrade includes 10,000 g and 450 of wood, this allows you to incorporate:


  •  1 kitchen.
  • 1 fridge.
  • 1 additional bedroom.
  • Improve the double bed.
  • Marriage is allowed.


 Stage 2: this upgrade includes 50,000g and 150 of wood, this allows you to incorporate:


  •  2 extra rooms.
  • Increase the size of the kitchen.
  • Increase the size of the bedroom.
  • You are allowed to have children.


 Stage 3: This upgrade includes 100,000g and this allows you to:


  •  Add a cellar in the house, it comes with a total of 33 barrels, where it is possible to age cheese and alcohol.


 Once the improvements are applied, there is a possibility of achieving these achievements:


  •  Leveling up which is usually applicable to the Stage 1 upgrade.
  • Live large that allows you to apply to the improvement of stage 2.

 Now that you know how to upgrade your house, it is time to make these changes and thus achieve a more spacious area with more things to do in Stardew Valley.

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