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Today we bring you a Stardew Valley guide where we explain how to fall in love and marry Abigail.

What to know about falling in love and getting married at Stardew Valley?

Throughout the game there are endless activities that we must perform, among which we have to fall in love and get married, for this we must go through some situations, taking into account tastes will be one of the key steps to carry out this activity, we will find a total of 12 NPCs with whom it is possible to marry, but specifically we are going to focus this time on How to fall in love and marry Abigail, the content of this guide will help us about it, we just have to pay attention to it, let's start then.

How to fall in love and marry Abigail in Stardew Valley?

It is important that we have a good relationship with Abigail first, which is living with her parents, in an apartment that is located behind the store of Pierre, who is his father and Caroline his mother, the gifts that can help us in this is achieved , so the first step in the search for How to fall in love and marry Abigail, we take advantage of the delivery of any gift, having a limit of 2 weeks, where we will give you an additional one on Autumn 13 for her birthday, on this date so Special will lead us to get 8 times the normal effect that causes a gift, accessing a special dialogue in Stardew Valley.


Although it is detail of the gifts has a very important role in How to fall in love and marry Abigail, it is not possible to get to have the work done with any gifts, we focus on our level of heart increase, so we must have the gifts suitable, if we give you something that we are not thankful for rather the level of heart, that likes amethyst, chocolate cake, prismatic fragment, puffer fish, pumpkin, rabbit's foot and spicy eels, apart of this you also have beer, cheese, coffee, cookies, crocus, diamond, the terrestrial crystal, the emerald, the blue jazz, the tulip, summer spangle, the sweet pea, the honey, ice cream, the jade, pancakes, syrup maple, mayonnaise, shoulder, pizza, quartz, ruby, salad, spaghetti, sunflower, topaz, trout soup and finally we have wine.
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    In Stardew Valley we find that Abigail will be neutral regarding some things, among these figures, bread, clam, coral, daffodil, dandelion, milk and rainbow shells, she does not like some things like what are some vegetables, fruits, eggs, blackberry, jagaite, joja cola, mussel, nekoite, obsidian, orpiment, oyster, perch, pineapple, poppy, refined quartz, salmon, sardine, sugar, thunder egg, wheat flour and horseradish, as for what he hates we have that algae, clay, copper ore, elf jewelry, golden gourd, sap, slime, stone and bone flutes, you have to take into account the aspects to understand how to fall in love and marry Abigail.

    The events

    As we progress in Stardew Valley, winning the largest number of hearts towards Abigail, we come to have access to a set of events that will allow us to get much closer to her, when we manage to reach 2 hearts in a relationship, it is necessary that we will Pierre's store during the day that is excluding Saturdays, where she is going to play a game called the King of the Prairie's journey, here she can ask for help to complete the level, it is something very simple, just we have to move and shoot the enemies that come in our direction, preventing them from hitting, now improving in terms of How to fall in love and marry Abigail when we reach 4 hearts, we will go for a walk on the lake that is on the way to the mines, During a rainy weather of any season, not in winter, at noon and 7pm, here Abigail will play her flute in the rain, when we talk to her we will know that she is here to be so However, it does not affect her that we are here with her, our movement here will be to take out a mini harp and together with her we will play a song.

    I already got 6 hearts in Stardew Valley, we need to enter Pelican Town, between 9 p.m. and at midnight, without the rain being present, we will find that Abigail is sitting here in the cemetery, practicing with his sword, making known the desire to explore the mines, by telling him about our use with the sword, we will get him to cheer up to go on an adventure, here what will happen is that he will go with us and ignore his father, we will find a letter from Abigail that talks about 8pm in her room, on arrival she will show us a table of spirits, in the one that when we get to both place our hand on this table, it will be known that there are feelings of hers for us, what happens next is that she will feel ashamed and kick us out, what we will do is get flowers from Pierre's store and we will give it to him to go from being friends to a relationship, when we reach 10 hearts, our steps will be towards the mines or the Quarry mine, this between 5pm and midnight, where Abigail sells to adventure, but it happens that there are some murc Ilagos that go for her, what happens in this situation is the feeling of fear for the loss of something she has, which will lead her to reveal feelings for us and we will kiss her instantly.

    The marriage

    Already the final step in How to fall in love and marry Abigail in Stardew Valley, it is possible after so many things happened, what comes is the delivery of a Mermaid Pendant to Abigail from us, which we will get when we buy it from the Old Marine for 5000 gold dollars, this one is standing along the north side of the beach, in the rainy season, when this pendant shows to Abigail, she accepts it, where the ceremony is performed in 3 days, automatically, when we marry her, she will move and she will have her space where she will play her flute, the interaction with her will maintain our relationship, giving her gifts as well, sometimes she will offer us certain items, in case it is Our intention to have children, it is necessary that we make some improvements to our house to level 3, passing through the cost of 60,000 gold and 600 hardwood, when we get it Abigail talks about having children, if we say yes, we will see what e e In the nursery one appears as the days go by, growing slowly.

    Finally, now that we already know how to fall in love and marry Abigail, it is possible to continue in this incredible adventure that we have in Stardew Valley.

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