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Stardew Valley: How to Play Multiplayer on Playstation, Xbox or Switch

2020-02-13 15:29:40

The invitation is to discover in this Stardew Valley guide the answers necessary to know how to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch.

In Stardew Valley we had at the beginning the option of individual game, however we now have the opportunity to expand our experiences by having friends playing by our side, online we can make the construction of our own land, to have more idea of ​​this aspect it is good to have With the answers indicated as to how to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch, let's see what offers the content of this guide.

What is multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley?

There are differences in the game mode, whether it is individual or multiplayer, it will not be possible for a player invited to our file that we have saved without having to convert to multiplayer mode, we just have to start a cooperative farm from 0, to this will choose in the main menu the option of Cooperative, then Host, in this way we will start a new game in which we can make invitations to other players, it is also possible that we choose how many cabins we will have in our farm, which This means that this number will depend on the number of players that we are going to have in this game, if 4 means that 4 will be the players, more details will be given below on how to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch.

How to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch in Stardew Valley?

Everything will depend on the platform on which we are playing, it may be necessary that we have a subscription service, in the case of the PC it will not be necessary, now if we are in a console, we have to have an account On PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or on Nintendo Switch Online, when we have a farm already installed, we should only invite other players, in the same way that it is done in any game with multiplayer mode, taking into account the need for it Own copies of the game.

What to do to invite players to a game already started individually in Stardew Valley?

If we want players to enter our game that has already started, it will be necessary that we first create new cabins for them, what we have to do is talk to Robín el Carpintero, who offers his cabin construction or demolition service , the cost will be 100g each, this process being somewhat cheap, it is also possible to make a transfer from our farm to another player so that this is the owner, but the detail is bad, it is not possible at this time without counting with substantial modifications in the game, because the farms are only stored in the owner's computer and console, simply at the time we make an invitation we only give access to our world temporarily, these guests being referred to as farmers by the game, In this way, despite the fact that there are players around the farm, the owner has access control at any time.

Local multiplayer in Stardew Valley

Only in the Nintedo Switch is this function available, considering that there are no updates planned for the other platforms for inclusion, there are no split screens, so you must have your individual Nintendo switch and a copy of the game, then it is possible establish the connection when choosing local communication instead of online, when the cooperative mode is chosen in our main menu.

In this game there is no cross-play multiplayer, only for PC players have this option in Steam and GOG, as for the split screen, they do not exist either, but despite these some players have used a mod so that this if possible on the PC and in this way everything that helps us understand how to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch is covered.

With this we finish the explanatory guide of Stardew Valley, now we know how to play multiplayer on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch and so we can have new experiences in our entertainment.

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