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Stardew Valley: How to Make Caviar- tips and tricks

2019-11-29 10:28:08

We bring you a delicious guide in which we will explain everything related to how to make caviar in Stardew Valley.

What is caviar in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley it is nothing more than a product made from a special fish, this is a food that is presented to us with much difference in relation to simple caviar, to be able to elaborate it it is necessary to use a fish pond, if we do not have it to buy it in the fish store, because n this space is where they are going to make eggs, which we can keep for a while, since by keeping them in a jar they will last for a while, this is a process that can be done with any fish that let's place in the pond.

How to make caviar in Stardew Valley?

As we describe this is a special product, therefore we also require a special fish, that is why our product has a special ingredient and is a sturgeon fish, which we must fish to incorporate into the pond that we have in our house, because there we will have the opportunity to observe that this fish can create the roe, every day, also every time you notice an exclamation mark on the pond you will know that it is necessary to improve it, for which we are given the possibility of adding another sturgeon, this can be done gradually so You get a package of eggs at the base of the collection.

Sturgeon is a fish that can be caught between 11 to 16 percent which implies that we will have to spend certain time in the place where there are these fish, on the other hand, we can fish sturgeons in the lake from the base of the mountain and wait for the best times of the year to fish and these summer and winter months respectively, because this is a special fish, it takes a little longer to spawn in relation to the rest of the fish, this means that if you see that it is delayed it is process, It is something of the most normal, because to make one appear it is necessary to update the pond at least 2 times.

Finally the best process of this elaboration arrives, first we must make sure we have jars of preserves, once you have them, we will place the roe inside it and wait a few days, while we are in the sweet wait we continue doing the rest of the routine activities . Meanwhile the roe usually appears very often in the fish pond, so indicate the detail of having several jars, because there we can place these roe, while we are waiting for the roe process.

We hope that just as I have solved this delicious detail that implies how to make caviar in Stardew Valley.

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